Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Studies in Agape Love

Agape is the New Testament Greek word for the strongest form of love. It describes that infinite love that God has for us in that he gave hs only begotten Son that we might have eternal life.

After Simon Peter bragged about his own love for Christ, Jesus told him that he would repeatedly deny his LORD. The Gospel of John records this denial. However, after the resurrection of Christ, Jesus appears to the disciples and asks Peter, "Do you love (agape) me?" Twice Jesus used this word and twice Peter answered now with a lesser from of the word love (phileo - deep friendship). Now, Jesus asks Peter the third time, "Do you love (phileo) me? There was no more bragging in Peter, although Simon greatly loved Jesus! Peter wasw now ready to serve Christ.

Many times our love falters,but agape love abides forever!

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